Author: Lipson Thomas Philip

Lipson Thomas Philip is a student of Masters in Network and Information Security at Griffith College, Limerick. He has done an internship in Cyber Cell, Gurugram 2021. His motive is to learn on a daily basis. As somebody said "Never stop learning". You learn new things knowing or unknowingly and as your life changes day by day.

Introduction Are you want to become a penetration tester? But don’t know what a penetration tester is and how a penetration tester is differentiated in terms of different types of penetration tester or other approaches. Let’s dive into penetration testing in brief. Penetration testing is one of the fastest-growing fields in cybersecurity. It is a very vast domain. As black hat hackers advance in skill and knowledge, it is the responsibility of organizations to guarantee that their cybersecurity systems can withstand attacks. Pen-testing is one of the essential instruments that businesses may employ to defend themselves. A cybersecurity expert uses…

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